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Yes, Programming Does Suck

less than 1 minute read

Apr 2015: Trying to explain, as a programmer to a Normal Human, why one’s day sucked can often lead to “you know what, never mind”.

A Dark Knight

less than 1 minute read

Feb 2015: Sometimes puns are too obvious to even consider not using. It’s not big or clever though. I’m not proud.

Weak Men Are Superweapons

less than 1 minute read

Oct 2014: We all enjoy a good debate. Sometimes even “down the pub”. Be it football, politics, or religion (i.e. Apple vs Android), nothing beats falling ou...

Oh Go On Then

3 minute read

Sept 2014: Two weeks to go to the big vote. Lots of heat and noise in the past 2 years, very little light. Recent weeks have seen a real improvement in the ...

Java’s Golden Handcuffs

2 minute read

Aug 2014: Is Java dead? Ask Google that question via the Chrome bar, and you get the feeling that this is an oft asked question.


less than 1 minute read

Aug 2014: I’m not sure I’d agree that ORM is the Vietnam of Computer Science, but the topic is like tech recruitment: it keeps popping up for people to argu...

Hammer Factory Factories

less than 1 minute read

Jul 2014: The seminal piece on hammer production in the enterprise environment…