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The Privacy Storm

6 minute read

Mar 2018: For many of us that work in technology, the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica crisis currently unfolding (March 2018) is getting attention not just b...

Blogging for Hackers

2 minute read

Mar 2018: Blogging: simple enough, you have an idea of potentially at least _some originality, and write about it a bit. Easy. Wordpress and a bunch of othe...

A Software Engineering Theory of Mind

1 minute read

Jul 2017: In developmental psychology – i.e. how we as children develop – there’s a thing: a Theory of Mind. A stage kids go through, very early on, where th...

The Joy of Specs

4 minute read

Apr 2017: Specifications that is, not spectacles. You see after a heated pub debate (really) about the need for “a spec” in the face of almost universal Agi...

The PC is Dead, Long Live the PC!

1 minute read

Aug 2016: Personal Computer. Big, beige, boxy. So called, because it was your personal property I suppose, rather than that of the firm you worked for.

The Struggle for a Design Balance

1 minute read

Jun 2016: It’s surprisingly hard, producing software in teams, to get a consensus on “detailed design”. And by that I mean the fine-grained, nitty-gritty, a...

Enterprise Application Quality

5 minute read

Aug 2015: One widely known benchmarks of “software team quality” is The Joel Test, and nitpicks aside it’s still an entirely sane bunch of questions 15 year...