Building Better Teams

5 minute read

Nov 2018: If you’ve been building teams for a while and you’ve got the hang of identifying “Smart” and “Gets things done” candidates, consider using Belbin’...

Joining the Cloud Revolution

8 minute read

Jun 2018: Disclaimer - it’s mid-2018, and “Cloud” started a long time ago. Many years ago. I know this; I’m a relative latecomer to the party. Here, then, I...

Supporting the Ten Thousand

2 minute read

May 2018: A confession: when someone emails to a large technical list a “simple” question, I’ve sometimes in the past felt a sense of “how can you not know ...

Colourblind in a Software Driven World

5 minute read

May 2018: Being colourblind isn’t a terrible disability. It’s not a daily struggle, and while it does preclude certain career choices (electricians playing ...

The Privacy Storm

6 minute read

Mar 2018: For many of us that work in technology, the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica crisis currently unfolding (March 2018) is getting attention not just b...

Blogging for Hackers

2 minute read

Mar 2018: Blogging: simple enough, you have an idea of potentially at least _some originality, and write about it a bit. Easy. Wordpress and a bunch of othe...


A Software Engineering Theory of Mind

1 minute read

Jul 2017: In developmental psychology – i.e. how we as children develop – there’s a thing: a Theory of Mind. A stage kids go through, very early on, where th...

The Joy of Specs

4 minute read

Apr 2017: Specifications that is, not spectacles. You see after a heated pub debate (really) about the need for “a spec” in the face of almost universal Agi...


The PC is Dead, Long Live the PC!

1 minute read

Aug 2016: Personal Computer. Big, beige, boxy. So called, because it was your personal property I suppose, rather than that of the firm you worked for.

The Struggle for a Design Balance

1 minute read

Jun 2016: It’s surprisingly hard, producing software in teams, to get a consensus on “detailed design”. And by that I mean the fine-grained, nitty-gritty, a...


Enterprise Application Quality

5 minute read

Aug 2015: One widely known benchmarks of “software team quality” is The Joel Test, and nitpicks aside it’s still an entirely sane bunch of questions 15 year...

Yes, Programming Does Suck

less than 1 minute read

Apr 2015: Trying to explain, as a programmer to a Normal Human, why one’s day sucked can often lead to “you know what, never mind”.

A Dark Knight

less than 1 minute read

Feb 2015: Sometimes puns are too obvious to even consider not using. It’s not big or clever though. I’m not proud.


Weak Men Are Superweapons

less than 1 minute read

Oct 2014: We all enjoy a good debate. Sometimes even “down the pub”. Be it football, politics, or religion (i.e. Apple vs Android), nothing beats falling ou...

Oh Go On Then

3 minute read

Sept 2014: Two weeks to go to the big vote. Lots of heat and noise in the past 2 years, very little light. Recent weeks have seen a real improvement in the ...

Java’s Golden Handcuffs

2 minute read

Aug 2014: Is Java dead? Ask Google that question via the Chrome bar, and you get the feeling that this is an oft asked question.


less than 1 minute read

Aug 2014: I’m not sure I’d agree that ORM is the Vietnam of Computer Science, but the topic is like tech recruitment: it keeps popping up for people to argu...

Hammer Factory Factories

less than 1 minute read

Jul 2014: The seminal piece on hammer production in the enterprise environment…